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Get some of the coolest cycling gear here!

Welcome to! You’re visiting a versatile web store that can help you stay in shape. Exercising should be easy and enjoyable, so shop at Active Zebra to get your cycling gear, supplies, clothing and other apparel. Look us up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or on Pinterest

Cycling Clothing

For the discerning cyclist we have an ever growing selection of premium quality cycle jerseys, pants and bibs, we have all sorts of patterns, motifs and styles to choose from. All super quality breathable and designed to keep you comfortable. To our two-wheeled fitness junkies out there, we have a wide selection for you, Road or Mountain Biking, even BMX, we have something for you at Active Zebra. Lights and reflectors, bags, and og course trip computers, if you prefer you can use your smart phone in a handy bike pouch for fitness tracking and GPS navigation, ride the road less traveled, or make your own road!

Cycling Socks and Gloves

Your feet are important in any activity, and cycling even more so. You need high quality socks that will help keep your feet as dry and comfortable as possible, hot or cold. So we offer a wide range of socks to keep those feet breathing and able to peddle another 100 miles. So be sure to check out our socks and gloves

Cycling Toolkits and Accessories

You never know when you are going to have a puncture, and a good repair kit will get you on the road faster, and don’t forget our CO2 bicycle pumps, when it’s all about speed don’t let a flat tyre slow you down. We also have tool kits, small portable and useful. Not to mention a number of clips bike chain protectors and dozens of other really useful items. Have a look at our Toolkits and Accessories

Phone and GPS Mounts

Keep track of where you are and what your speed, cadence, altitude and even your distance traveled. Fitness and health application track everything now. So keep your phone on your handlebars with our handy device mount kits. You can even stream or play music while you ride. If you are that way inclined you could even take a call… But that’s a terrible idea. Cycling is about getting away. That call can probably wait.

Cycling Headgear and Eyewear

From bandanas to keep the sweat out of your eyes. Or a helmet to protect you, when some moron takes a call from their other half mid way around a corner, and the inevitable peloton destroying crash that ensues. Check out our headgear Keep the sun and wind out of your eyes too. You need decent eyewear to see where you are going and what to avoid.

Protective Gear and Water Bottles

Never disregard your need to hydrate. Or your need to be seen on those early morning or late evening rides. We know your work life is insane and you may only be able to ride in the dark. Keep visible use our protective gear, whether that be via LED lighting or reflective strips on your Cycling Jersey. Be Seen and stay on your bike.

Watches and Trip Computers

We also have a selection of watches and trip computers. Either just to tell the time, or to keep track of your statistics. We also have a few smart watches to choose from. As well as replacement straps for your existing watches. We also have cadence and heart rate monitors. Life is all about statistics and data, you need to know where you are to know that you have gotten better.

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